Pet Sitter & Web Developer

While travelling through Europe.

Looking for a dogsitter? Or a catsitter? Or in need for a website? Read on!

I am Mirale, a wandering soul, travelling around Europe.

I stay temporarily at places in exchange for helping people out. For example I volunteered in hotels in Spain, hostels in Scotland, on farms in Austria. I helped in peoples gardens in Italy and Spain, picked olives in Greece. I stayed in Scotland for over a year.

I also do house- and petsitting; taking care of peoples houses and pets while they themselves go for a holiday. (read more about this)

Meanwhile, I like to build websites. A few years ago I got interested in coding and I started to follow online web development courses, where I learned to code in html, css and javascript. (read more about this)

Please feel free to contact me if you need a house and pet sitter, or if you want me to make you a website, or for any other interesting temporary job, or even if you just want to meet up! As long as I can travel around, be in some beautiful natural area, visit interesting places, meet nice people.. I'll be happy.